• Lori

    Can anyone tell me how to get the Blog page to just show a list of blog posts, instead of the tiled “Latest projects” and “latest articles” format?

  • Cydley

    STILL having issues with getting the featured image slider to work. I created a post, selected featured image, checked category, and checked off the option and category pull from theme options. No go. Hellllllp!

    • Cydley

      Edit: I had the main page set to “static.”

  • Cydley

    I had the same problem, so I’ll post here in case anyone else did the same thing. In all of the confusion of creating posts and categorizing, I realized that I had put a post in the category my slider was pulling from, but a “featured image” was not selected for that post–thus, the theme wast trying to pull a tagged post without an associated image.

  • Jess

    I have three issues:

    1) I would like the slider to portray various images that are linked to categories AND filters, but do not contain the images of the individual posts/portfolio pages. It’s for an animal rescue site and I want really nice slider images, not those from people who are searching for their cats, those images are usually of poor quality and not slider worthy…

    2) I would also like to add categories to the portfolio and not just have filters… Can anyone help me on that too?

    3) How do I get text in the portfolio page? I would like to add text from a particular static page, how do I do this?

    I’m not a wordpress or php expert btw, I’m learning…


  • Tralari

    I´m a new user of wordpress and I have no idea how to edit the Slider, help please.

  • No Image Slider on Child Theme

    Hi, the image slider works for me on the parent theme when it’s activated but does not show up on the child theme. What do I need to do to get it to work on child theme?

    • Andy

      The child theme I create doesnt seem to work for this theme, any ideas?

  • bk

    not working with wordpress 3.6

    • paulkane

      I’m having issues with the slider since the update. Everything else works fine for me.

    • Peyman

      it is wordking for me!!

  • sam

    I agree.

  • fcohen

    Hi, I like the Yasmin template. It is very clean – style, fonts, layout. I would like to buy this and have some customization done to it. Is there a service I can buy? -Frank

  • juan

    Understood the basic mechanism of the theme, but not clear the use of Featured image slider, thanks

  • Leonardo

    Hi there, I have an issue with “view all” link in latest projects and latest articles. Clicking on them, the pages opened are not the right one. I translated part ot the text in italian, but this operation shouldn’t give any trouble. Thanks in advance, Leonardo.

    • zaQ

      for the blog, you have to create a page and in the box on the right choose model–>blog

      • zaO

        …and have to set it in the “theme options” homepage section 🙂

        • Leonardo

          Thank you for your help ZaQ, now everything works fine! 🙂

  • Leonardo

    Hi guys, new issue: in portfolio, I inserted 10 images in project images, but the slideshow at 10th image gives a blank image before beginning with the slideshow again. Is there a way to have the first image after the 10th without a “white hole”? Thank you in advance, Leonardo.

  • legion1978

    why do images uploaded to use with the slider get resized to 950×500? wp settings max image file is 1600.

    also theres a nasty bug wich renders the slider unusable on firefox (afaik) >> images get floated outside (to the right) the flexslider div
    havent been able to fix it for my life..


    • legion1978

      the bug was self inflicted. so nevermind that.. still to figure out the resizing thing 🙂

  • Darragh McCrickard

    I have installed the theme to my wordpress website but when I go to install the required plugins I get the following errors:

    An error occurred while installing Metabox: Download failed. A valid URL was not provided..

    An error occurred while installing Option Framework: Download failed. A valid URL was not provided..

    An error occurred while installing Thumbnail rebuild: Download failed. A valid URL was not provided..

    An error occurred while installing WP Pagenavi: Download failed. A valid URL was not provided..

    Can anyone help me with this?


  • Andy

    Why does the child theme I create not work. Non of my additions override the parent theme???

    • massimo

      I have the same problem. I created the child theme. It works with Twentyeleven default theme. I changed the parameters for Yasmin, but nothing..

      The parameters are rights, because in the backoffice I can see the Yasmin-child link to the parent theme Yasmin..

      I try to change child-Yasmin style.css but nothing appear..

  • gabriel gonzalez

    Been using this theme for some time and i really like it but have one little question that maybe someone here could help with , Is there a way to add the banner link title under the banner image?

  • Mike

    I’m not sure but none of the images in my posts are resizing with the rest the content (i.e. when I look at it on a mobile device, or shrink my browser window). Any idea why this would be the case? Otherwise it’s a great theme.

  • davidlevett

    Whenever I post using Yasmin theme the date stamp is always January 1st. I have changed the theme back to a standard WP theme and the date now publishes correctly so assuming i must be a bug with this theme. Have you got a fix for this at all?

    • Guest

      me too! always January 1st…

      • davidlevett

        Thanks both!

        • Dani

          Did you fix the bug with that change? I made it but it´s not working either

    • Omnia Pc Montevarchi

      i have found the bug. you can change the date stamp in index.php and single.php.
      old code:
      changed with
      (without spaces)

  • Sam

    How to change the colour of the themes? http://tinyurl.com/kdlzdpu thankyou

    • hepa

      You have to go to Editor in the appearance menu, then look in the style sheet css and scroll down the code until you get to

      #headright {
      Background: #825E65
      float: right;

      Just change #825E65 to whatever colour you want, just use caps when changing. 🙂

      Note: This only changes the colour of the top bar on the home page

  • When I italicize or bold in ‘Visual’, it doesn’t come up on the site. I need to go into HTML and change them from and to and . What can I do to change that?

  • How do sidebar widgets work? Do they work on the front page? I don’t see them on the preview or when I try to put things into that widget section.

  • Can I add images to the Portfolio from my Media Library instead of having to upload?

  • davidlevett


    Instead of the default post fonts, what I would like, is for every post I make to have the following attributes:

    Font: Candana
    Size: 35
    Line Spacing: 1.5

    Body Copy:
    Font: Droid Sans
    Size: 20
    Line Spacing: 1.5

    If I don’t need this for all my site, just the blog posts, is there a way that I can change the css in ‘Single Post.css’?

    • davidlevett

      Is there any solution for this I can make in the CSS?

  • adminmatto

    Have today a multi languages support or not? can i solve this problem? thanx a lot

  • Omnia Pc Montevarchi

    In the theme when we are in mobile resolution, the nav menu become a dropdown menu.
    Can i translate the menu string “select menu item”? I use Polylang plugin…. thanks!

  • linburnlane

    G’day! Is there anyway I can increase the number of items on the Portfolio page from the default 10 to say, 14?

  • LegoBeast

    how can I make it so that the home page only shows 1 blog category?

  • is this full codes?

  • I really loved this theme, but I have a doubt: it is possible to add a head at the top?

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