Ecommerce wordpress themes are always in demand and almost all good ecommerce themes are paid themes.  Thats why we bring you an all free ecommerce WordPress theme .  This theme is designed to work with the Cart66 ecommerce plugin. There is a free version of this plugin available for free at Wp plugins site – Cart66 Lite . You can upgrade to a pro version of this plugin if you want.

The Zenshop theme is designed with a minimalistic style with a grid layout to showcase your store. The supports WordPress 3 features like Custom post types, custom taxonomies, Custom metaboxes, Custom menus, Custom page templates etc. The theme also comes with an options page and user guide page.

Once you download and install the theme you will be prompted to install the 2 required plugins

  1. Cart66 lite plugin
  2. wp-pagenavi plugin

Once installed and activated you can configure your Cart66 shop settings. You can refer the PDF manual that is available for the plugin

Setting up the shop and listing the products for sale is actually a 2 step process. First you will have to add the product Name,its ID, price, variation options etc to the cart66 database. This is the backend process. Secondly to feature your product on the front end of the shop you will create a product post ( A custom post type) with the product image and other details. We will see how these are done step by step


Adding products to the shop database

In the adminpanel you will find the products submenu under the cart66 menu. Click on it and it will take you to the ” CArt66 products” Page. Fill in the details of your product. Make sure to use a unique “item number” for each product.

In the following screenscast we will see how it is done. I will be listing an iPhone for sale at $500 , with 2 product variations available, black and white.


Setup the front end of the shop

We just saw how to list our iPhone for sale into the shop database. Next we need to know how to setup the front end of the shop so that buyers can actually see the products and buy them.

This is where the role of Zenshop theme comes into play. The theme is built in with a special custom post type called “products”. You will listing your products there and use the cart66 shortcodes to create the Cart button and actions.

We will see how it is done in the following screencast.

Theme options

The theme comes with an option page where you can configure various settings.

1.Custom logo
You will be able to enter a logo image url here

2. Homepage content
You can select between a shop or a blog to show on the homepage

3. Products per page
Number of products to be displayed per page

4. Featured product slider
You can select a product category to be displayed here and the number of products to be shown on the slider.

Custom page templates

Theme comes with 2 custom page templates.To use them you can create a new page and select the appropriate template from the dropdown selection at the page attribute options.

Blog page
You can use the Blog page template to show the blog items when the homepage is set to show the shop.

Full width page
This is a page template without sidebar.

  • Rekki

    This may be a silly question but can this theme work without a checkout? and if so how?
    (ZenShop theme)

  • nikolay

    What exactly you made that slider work? mymy_gerasim@mail.ru

  • Mashood

    How to fix this one???

    nothing appears in the window to add the short code

    • SungYoon Jung

      – first way.

      – second way
      I added below on theme’s functions.php

      // using cart66 filter: cart66_add_popup_screens
      // first we need to add the filter
      // because cart66 only applies the filter, it does not add it.
      function my_function(){
      $array = array(‘products’,’plugins’); // this is a list of the custom post types
      return $array;

  • reionut

    Hello, How can I fix this “You should have WP 3.0+ version for custom menus to work.”?

    My wordpress version is 3.5.1

  • Paul

    hi, i have simple question. How can I add a product as a banner on the homepage?


    rly i dont know how 🙂

    • macxb

      go to zenshop options and tell it how many products you want in the rotater and which category of products to show.
      i made a poduct category “rotater” so that i could have products from various categories.

  • Daniel Cheney

    What a piece of crap theme! The products grid leaves blank gaps in the rows and Cart66 which provides the product info points their fingers at ZenShop issue and ZenShop doesn’t give any controls whatsoever in the theme’s panel. Very unhappy. 🙁

  • RAmiro

    How can I put an image and a description on the slider? thx

  • Artem

    I have two problems:
    1) Such as Paul has
    2) Basket doesn`t work
    If you need more information I`ll tell.

  • Artem

    Please help. How do i add pages with different products on each page. I need to have the top navigation show links like “SHOP”, “COMPUTERS”, “BOOKS”, “FLOWERS” etc and when you click on the tab, the relevant items show on that page. I dont want a one paged store.

    Please help me!


    • Marc R

      did you figure this out? I am having the same issue

  • Kha Nguyễn

    Hello !

    I can’t create slide with slider settings. Pls help

    • Ky Tran

      Me too..
      When I active logo then silde show is not work, and can’t seting… Pls help

  • franjjj

    Hey, I would love for this theme to work. I also get the “WP 3.0+ version for custom menus to work.” I have WP 3.6 and the theme’s two required plugins.

  • Ma Soj

    Guide for products on the menu 🙁

  • Sam

    How do I add logo instead of title? Tried to change in Zenshop settings and uploading logo.png still doesnt work

    • macxb

      did you put in the correct url for the image?

      • Sam

        Thanks for your reply
        When I try to change url on this page nothing is happening. So I just replaced logo.png file with my logo but still didnt get the result.

  • macxb

    the second page of products on the store page will not show when i click the link. the link at the bottom of the first store page was automatically created by the theme. can anybody help?

  • macxb

    which php file edits the store page?

  • vali

    Can anyone tell me why this happens when I try to install zenshop?
    Thank you.

    • minku

      please check the file …file name is add_meta_box.php. mistake in first line

      ….go in folder wise for see the add_meta_box.php

      step folder wise wp_content -> theme -> zenshop -> lib -> add_meta_box.php

      • me

        hi minku,
        i’m facing the same problem . will you pl explain me in detail.. it ‘d a helpfully for me..

        looking forward for your reply

        • Jill Stock

          change < ? to < ?php in the first line of the add_meta_box.php

  • Rotmo

    Any solution for the paging problem?

  • textilelearners

    Great Post, I love to read articles that are informative and actually have good content. Thank you for sharing your experiences and I look forward to reading more.Fashion Elongation

  • Marc R

    Please help. How do i add pages with different products on each page. I need to have the top navigation show links like “SHOP”, “COMPUTERS”, “BOOKS”, “FLOWERS” etc and when you click on the tab, the relevant items show on that page. I dont want a one paged store

    • megha

      You git the answer for this?
      I am facing same Problem.
      Thank you.

  • Kevin

    Hi! I cannot get the slider to work, or any products to show up on the home page. Please help!

  • Robert Hernandez

    Zenshop issue. Any idea why my blog page just shows a link to my home page? In discussions setting I have static page setup with my blog as my blog page.

  • Eray Diler

    Hi everyone, does the pagination work for you? when you add products more than the “number of products on homepage” option set.

  • Prof. Dr. Mashiur Babu

    Prof. Dr. Mashiur Babu

  • Como cambio el título por una imagen con su descripción correspondiente ??
    Danny – Mujeresconclase.com

  • Soner Zöğ

    paging is not working.
    when you click page 2 it redirects you to “/page/2/” but it gives

    Not Found !
    add_meta_box.php is correct as ?php