Ecommerce wordpress themes are always in demand and almost all good ecommerce themes are paid themes.  Thats why we bring you an all free ecommerce WordPress theme .  This theme is designed to work with the Cart66 ecommerce plugin. There is a free version of this plugin available for free at Wp plugins site – Cart66 Lite . You can upgrade to a pro version of this plugin if you want.

The Zenshop theme is designed with a minimalistic style with a grid layout to showcase your store. The supports WordPress 3 features like Custom post types, custom taxonomies, Custom metaboxes, Custom menus, Custom page templates etc. The theme also comes with an options page and user guide page.

Once you download and install the theme you will be prompted to install the 2 required plugins

  1. Cart66 lite plugin
  2. wp-pagenavi plugin

Once installed and activated you can configure your Cart66 shop settings. You can refer the PDF manual that is available for the plugin

Setting up the shop and listing the products for sale is actually a 2 step process. First you will have to add the product Name,its ID, price, variation options etc to the cart66 database. This is the backend process. Secondly to feature your product on the front end of the shop you will create a product post ( A custom post type) with the product image and other details. We will see how these are done step by step


Adding products to the shop database

In the adminpanel you will find the products submenu under the cart66 menu. Click on it and it will take you to the ” CArt66 products” Page. Fill in the details of your product. Make sure to use a unique “item number” for each product.

In the following screenscast we will see how it is done. I will be listing an iPhone for sale at $500 , with 2 product variations available, black and white.


Setup the front end of the shop

We just saw how to list our iPhone for sale into the shop database. Next we need to know how to setup the front end of the shop so that buyers can actually see the products and buy them.

This is where the role of Zenshop theme comes into play. The theme is built in with a special custom post type called “products”. You will listing your products there and use the cart66 shortcodes to create the Cart button and actions.

We will see how it is done in the following screencast.

Theme options

The theme comes with an option page where you can configure various settings.

1.Custom logo
You will be able to enter a logo image url here

2. Homepage content
You can select between a shop or a blog to show on the homepage

3. Products per page
Number of products to be displayed per page

4. Featured product slider
You can select a product category to be displayed here and the number of products to be shown on the slider.

Custom page templates

Theme comes with 2 custom page templates.To use them you can create a new page and select the appropriate template from the dropdown selection at the page attribute options.

Blog page
You can use the Blog page template to show the blog items when the homepage is set to show the shop.

Full width page
This is a page template without sidebar.

  • Haberblog

    Is there compliance with woo commerce

  • Anonymous

    No this is not built for woocommerce. This works with cart66.

  • Love this theme. really great work. web2feel is really rocked.

  • premiumresell.at.vu

    I really like this theme

  •  Awesome theme and full explainned options! I love this template!

  • RAW

    This i great themes , can u help me 

    1. how to change or to fill  change state when i change country indonesia ,state only ARRAY2.try test buying i have these messagage 
    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /hobbyshop/wp-content/plugins/cart66-lite/models/Cart66Exception.php on line 39 
    Your order could not be processed for the following reasons: 
    Warning: curl_setopt() [function.curl-setopt]: CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION cannot be activated when safe_mode is enabled or an open_basedir is set in /hobbyshop/wp-content/plugins/cart66-lite/models/Pest.php on line 126 
    Your order could not be completed for the following reasons:error number:

    • jinsona

      Thanks for using Zenshop. The problem you are having is related to the Cart66 plugin. I recommend you contact their support website for an accurate fix.

  • Nguyenkhacviet

    Please show me: How to make slide! thanks!

  • Del

    Hello I am just looking at your great theme my question is when I add a new product the the product details section is not there to add the short code?

    Any ideas? Cheers in advance  🙂

  • hi jinsona, i realy like your theme.. simpel & powerful 🙂
    i tried to instal this theme in localhost, wp 332 & wp 331, and found lot of error.

  • http://thoitrangtreem.us

    i like this theme. Thanks

  • Kangkun1992

    i like it . thanks

  • Very good theme.. I like it..

  • David

    Hi.  I am having a problem with this theme.  When I activate it shows nothing but php code over the whole page with a few scattered textboxes.  This is a sample of what is all over the home page:
    ‘desc’ => ‘Price of the product.( Use your default currency symbol)’,
    ‘id’ => $prefix.’price’,
    ‘type’ => ‘text’

    All I have done is install the theme, Activate it, and install WP-PageNavi.  In that order. (I had already installed cart66) Has anyone else had this happen to them?

    • Ankush

       yes it happened with me too….still trying to fix the problem……help appreciated from designers of this theme. I use WAMP.

    • vicky

      Getting same error,,,,,
      ‘Price’, ‘desc’ => ‘Price of the product.( Use your default currency symbol)’, ‘id’ => $prefix.’price’, ‘type’ => ‘text’ ), array( ‘label’ => ‘On discount sale?’, ‘desc’ => ‘Check if the product is on discount sale’, ‘id’ => $prefix.’discount’, ‘type’ => ‘checkbox’ ), array( ‘label’ => ‘Price before discount’, ‘desc’ => ‘Price of the product before discount. Should be higher than the current price.’, ‘id’ => $prefix.’disc-price’, ‘type’ => ‘text’ ), array( ‘label’ => ‘Cart shortcode’, ‘desc’ => ‘copy paste the add-to-cart shortcode here ‘, ‘id’ => $prefix.’cartcode’, ‘type’ => ‘textarea’ ), ); // enqueue scripts and styles, but only if is_admin if(is_admin()) { wp_enqueue_script(‘jquery-ui-datepicker’); wp_enqueue_script(‘jquery-ui-slider’); wp_enqueue_script(‘custom-js’, get_template_directory_uri().’/js/custom-js.js’); wp_enqueue_style(‘jquery-ui-custom’, get_template_directory_uri().’/css/jquery-ui-custom.css’); } // add some custom js to the head of the page add_action(‘admin_head’,’add_custom_scripts’); function add_custom_scripts() { global $custom_meta_fields, $post; $output = ”; echo $output; } // The Callback function show_custom_meta_box() { global $custom_meta_fields, $post; // Use nonce for verification echo ”; // Begin the field table and loop echo ”; foreach ($custom_meta_fields as $field) { // get value of this field if it exists for this post $meta = get_post_meta($post->ID, $field[‘id’], true); // begin a table row with echo ”; } // end foreach echo ‘

    • I met this error too..

  • Gustavoique

    How can I configure a page category like this: 
    http://demo.fabthemes.com/zenshop/product-category/shoes/ ?

  • Lorddarkingdom

    Add Cart66 Shortcodesis blank pagewhat i can do ?

    • WizardoftheNorth

       I’m having this same problem – did you manage to find a fix?

    • Michael Bridges

      The way I fixed it was to revert the version of cart 66 I had installed to a previous version. And that seemed to fix it. 

      • Mashood

        to which version you reverted??
        i got the same problem and even i reverted to the previous version it wont work for me…

  • Baypasisi

    I downloaded and started to use this theme. but when ı stared to add my products the slider disapeared. how can I do that slider?? my site is : http://www.hidrofor.info

    • bisnis rumahan

      dear friend help me to share your success to activate slider in your website, thanks.

    • pjar78

      Hi. I had some trouble with this too. I was adding products but the front page was showing up blank. However, I managed to solve the problem so just to help anyone who has the same issue, you need to go to Themes -> Customize. Then make sure that under “Static Front Page” you select “Your latest posts”. Hope this helps!

  • Tutku

    Hi There,

    I’m very proud to use this theme. But I’ve some questions about this. I want to use main page as a Blog but in any page I wanna use the shop index. I looked up the index.php and saw the if then else query. But how can I use the shop part as other page?

    Thank you
    Ilke Tutku Şenol

    • Bonageshak

      yes I’d also like to know about that badly.

      Daniel S.

  • Michael Bridges

    I am having a problem with the thumbnails showing up for this theme.I have checked my sever running GD Library and PHP5 and updated timthumb.php still no luck. I appreciate the theme just looking for a little help with this one.

    • MMzone

      me2…have you solve it?

    • MMZone

      I found the solution
      Just change the permission of the timthumb.php to 644; theme folder to 755

  • Mattpitts74

    Hi, Thanks for this great theme, however I’m having problems with the page navigation not working, I have installed the WP-PageNavi and when I click to go to the next page of products I get a 404 error, please help! the website is http://www.uk-yurt-holidays.co.uk/shop

    • Cftkevin

      I have the same problem,did you solved ??

    • eboy

      i have the smae problem to…

    • eboy

      i look at your site, and paging product run perfectly… whats the solution ?

  • Teesome

    Hey jinsona,
    Thank you for a wonderful template. I love your work and use some of your templates. I managed to implement the Zenshop into an affiliate shop without using the Cart66 plugin. I have a problem with the PageNavi() plugin. Its latest version does not seem to be compatible with the Zenshop template code. There’s a problem with the custom query to the pagenavi() function, because the code for using it has changed a little bit with their latest update. Can you please advise which version of pagenavi() is compatible with the theme, or let us know how to update the code, for the navigation to work. This only happens to the Home page (shelf) navigation, everything else (categories, tags, etc) still works.Thanks a lot for your help!

    • are you using php 5 on your server, as of pagenavi 2.7 it says php5 is required, I am using latest pagenavi and seems to work fine on my site. both php 5.2 and 5.3

  • SIm

    Error all your themes have error 
    Fatal error: Call to undefined method WP_Query::is_main_query() in /home/geza1108/public_html/wp-content/themes/Zenshop/functions.php on line 128 

  • lihi

    cool theme! but im having some trouble figuring out the slider
    how do i add the sliders?

    • I managed to make the slider appear by creating a category name as “featured” (case sensitive-make sure all in small letter “featured”)
      Why “featured” is because it is used in the css in the editor to refer to the slider.
      So any product that thick with “featured” category will appear on the slider, that makes the slider start working officially.

  • nxm

    i am in need of complete documentation of zenshop theme , where its available ?

  • VinodPareek

    How do you add tags to products

  • VinodPareek

    1. Hi I added following code to lib/products.

    tags are visible, but not searchable. plz suggest…..
    /* my addition */
    add_action(‘init’, ‘products_add_default_boxes’);

    function products_add_default_boxes() {
    register_taxonomy_for_object_type(‘post_tag’, ‘products’);

    2. I have also created the child theme. but facing problem with Slider images on products. they are not visible, if activate and using child theme.
    but visible proper in activated parent theme.

  • aydin

    I have a problem. When I choose “new article” and when I pust card66 button near upload, it shows “Add cart66 Shortcodes” popup ok. But in article page, in new products page when I push cart66 button, a blank “Add cart66 Shotcodes” popup appears. How can I solve this.

  • aydin

    To fix this, you need to add this function to your themes functions.php file:

    function my_products_pages() {
    return array(‘your-products-slug’, ‘another-products-slug’);
    add_filter(‘cart66_add_popup_screens’, ‘my_products_pages’);
    Remember to change ‘your-products-slug’ and ‘another-products-slug’
    to the slugs of the custom post types that you want to use. Note: You
    can set this for as many custom post types as you want.


  • sandy

    hi there
    I have problem, the slider can’t activate (blank no picture) , how to setting slider ?
    thank’s for your assist …..

    • Blake O’Ruairi

      Hi All – Just FYI – – I installed package today, about 3 mins ago, activated Cart66 and Page Navi, and loaded no problem, so i think the fix is in the package now:: if your still having problems, I’d suggest de-activating plugins and re-install from new download. Here’s me link showing its active
      http://goodkittysupplies.com/ and screenshot for good measure attached ::: havent put ANYthing up yet, but theme is setup fine.

  • green

    i want to ad some text image on top-bar but i don’t how to do ..anyone help me please ?

  • webcontentmart.com

    I loved your theme at first sight. Thanks for creating such a lovely thing.

    I installed it and all was going well until I tried to add products. The Cart99 window shows as a blank. I haven’t made any modifications to the code or anything – I have not made any changes to the post_type (I am not a programmer so I can only do what you tell me and can’t apply any of my brain to the code :)). I have only installed the plugins the theme asks me to. I can’t see how I can get this to work. Your reply will be appreciated.

  • MMZone

    I have installed this….try to add in the products, but seems like the products cannot link to cart66. It’s only work with post & pages.
    Try to add in the functions.php but still doesn’t work:
    function my_products_pages() {
    return array(‘your-products-slug’, ‘another-products-slug’);

    add_filter(‘cart66_add_popup_screens’, ‘my_products_pages’);

  • salam99

    very urgent ! Help me please to activate the sliders. Your helping would be appreciated thanks.

    • Joseph David

      In your theme settings select the category. This is NOT post category, but product category.

  • Jade

    Hi there,

    I love the theme, thank you. I’ve installed another theme, and decided to stick with this one. Now my home page is missing 🙁 Can you please help me

  • Jonathan

    I am having problems with the slider on the homepage. I have the latest version of WordPress and the slider images will not show up when I choose a category of products…any suggestions?

    Also, how can I add a “Product” page to the menu, where the drop down pages are the product categories, like in the demo above? I only see the option for blog categories not product categories to add to the menu.


  • VinodPareek

    When I post Price description (ex: Ex factory Price) in Cart66 –> products. The Product Page and Shopping cart misbehave.

    The Product page don’t show Price, and instead show “price description text”. Shopping cart show “price description text” on product price column.

    Is it possible to show both price and price description on cart and product page.

  • Julian

    Hey one Question i my options for Home Page is: Blog, but when i create an Articel its not shown on main page can u help me?

  • Trevor

    I love the look of the theme but I cannot seem to get the homepage slider to display my posts. I’ve created categories and posts but even in the Zenshop theme options I am not able to select a category from the drop-down! So as of now my homepage is blank. Please help!!!

    Thank you!!!

  • Steve Y

    So far I am very happy, but I followed the 1st and 2nd videos below, and when I go to click on the little cart66 Icon bar in the post Products DO NOT Come Up, it is a blank black screen… anyone have any suggestions ?? Thanks in Advance !

    • Michael

      i got the same problem. did u manage to sort it out yet?

      • vizman

        this is a Cart66 problem – a snipped of php code needs to be added to the plugin code

        • david

          /* CUSTOM PRODUCT SLUG */

          function my_products_pages() {

          return array(‘products’);


          add_filter(‘cart66_add_popup_screens’, ‘my_products_pages’);

          apply this code in the functions.php page before the last ?>

  • Mia

    I am having problems with the categories displaying only one product per page. I would like it to appear like http://demo.fabthemes.com/zenshop/product-category/tablets/ but instead I only get one product per page with pagination on the bottom. Help please?

  • Charlie

    Please help. How do i add pages with different products on each page. I need to have the top navigation show links like “SHOP”, “COMPUTERS”, “BOOKS”, “FLOWERS” etc and when you click on the tab, the relevant items show on that page. I dont want a one paged store.


    • Michael

      do u manage to solve the problem?

  • Toanh Nguyen

    I am having a problem with this theme as David. When I activate it shows
    nothing but php code over the whole page with a few scattered
    textboxes. This is a sample of what is all over the home page:
    ‘desc’ => ‘Price of the product.( Use your default currency symbol)’,
    ‘id’ => $prefix.’price’,
    ‘type’ => ‘text’

    All I have done is install the theme, Activate it, and install
    WP-PageNavi. In that order. (I had already installed cart66) Has anyone
    else had this happen to them?

  • Mark


    ‘desc’ => ‘Price of the product.( Use your default currency symbol)’,
    ‘id’ => $prefix.’price’,
    ‘type’ => ‘text’

    ‘label’ => ‘On discount sale?’,
    ‘desc’ => ‘Check if the product is on discount sale’,
    ‘id’ => $prefix.’discount’,
    ‘type’ => ‘checkbox’

    ‘label’ => ‘Price before discount’,


    Thanks, Mark

  • Jeff

    Hi – I really like Zenshop but am trying to stick with the default Twenty Twelve theme and customize that. I have purchased the Cart66 Pro plugin and really like the way Zenshop handles the custom post type Products and the grid display.

    If those are the only 2 things I want (Products post type and Grid display) what “parts” of this theme would I need?


  • Vizman

    I’d like to have set of thumbnails (maybe 2 or 3 pics) for each product that are visible on the product page. the set of thumbnails should be below the main (larger) product pic. But it doesn’t seem very straight forward. How can I accomplish? thanks

  • pjar78

    Hi. I would like to change the greens on the Zenshop theme to reds. I have found the place to change one of the price buttons:

    padding:5px 10px;
    -moz-border-radius-topleft: 0px;
    -moz-border-radius-topright: 5px;
    -moz-border-radius-bottomright: 5px;
    -moz-border-radius-bottomleft: 0px;
    -webkit-border-radius: 0px 5px 5px 0px;
    border-radius: 0px 5px 5px 0px;

    However, I would also like to change the color of the mouseovers on the menu items, the buttons with the price and “Details” on the front page, the dots that show which picture is being displayed, the page numbers at the bottom of the home page, the “View Cart” button etc…

    Can someone please help me?

    Thanks a lot.

  • Bugfixer


    ‘desc’ => ‘Price of the product.( Use your default currency symbol)’,
    ‘id’ => $prefix.’price’,
    ‘type’ => ‘text’
    )… et caetera

    I think i found a fix. In /lib/add_meta_box.php change the first PHP markup FROM <? TO <?php ! The bug comes from http://php.net/manual/en/language.basic-syntax.phptags.php, it shows that if for some of you, the
    short_open_tag in php.ini (case of WAMP and EasyPHP i think) is not activated ! Although this theme is really great, looks like a pretty bad programming error… Anyway that fixed it for me. Good luck to you all !

  • cahkos

    tanks for share


  • Hi, is there any way we can get a pot file for this? I’d really like to translate the theme!

  • Rene

    Wow; I was kind of excited about this theme but it sounds like it has turned into a nightmare for some people? I am hoping that everyone got their problems figured out because I would tear my hair out if this is going to happen to me? Is there anyone out there who is using this now that got it fixed and working?

    • Rekki

      I have it working, did you need help still?

      • Rekki

        Sorry for the late reply.. I got it working thank you 🙂

  • David

    hello everybody, well, i’m working with this pretty theme for a small e-commerce, and i had to solved one bug with cart66, the famous blanck popup, now is currently fixed. But i’ve another problem with the product added to cart, when i go to the cart, http://nausicaem.com/store/cart/ i can see my product added, but when i want to pay / checkout, the page return this message: your cart is empty…any idea to fix this? and if i want to update the buy with another item more, for example 2, when i clicked to update, return the same message, your cart is empty…thanks for advance, i don’t found any solution in internet