Zoren is a free responsive wordpress theme. The theme supports and adjusts itself to screen resolutions across various devices ranging from desktops, notebooks, tablets and down to mobile devices. The content and media on the site is responsive to provide hassle free view on all the devices. The theme supports custom menu, featured images, widgets, and theme option panel.

The theme designed with emphasis on the featured post image. This will be ideal for photography/art/portfolio related websites. The color scheme of the theme is white and grey and the design is based on css to provide fast loading time. Once installed please check the admin notification and install the required plugins.

  • Eddie

    Theme’s great. But it turns out a complete mess in IE8. Any help on that?

    • A lot of the newer ones don’t do well in IE8, at all…. I just went through the same thing with the “Pilgrim” theme. It looks great in virtually every browser except IE8 – in which almost nothing works correctly….

  • Ilja

    Thanks for these theme. It’s great. One question: how to change font of a post and post summary, because in my language standart font doesn’t show a lot of letters? Thanks.

  • Sadra Alizadeh

    Say Hello To Full RTL Version !
    Thanks To You Jinsona ! ( You Are Killing It Bro ! )

    • laotseh

      Thanks dear sadra, I like to use this RTL version in our blog: http://www.iprotect.ir/blog, appreciate your help on customizations in Persian language. regards,

  • How to change title for my logo in jpg?

  • duchu

    How to change font in post text and post title ?

  • atilla

    hi, I like the theme, but how do I stop the page title from being displayed in the main text area please? For all the top level pages I want to suppress the page title from being repeated.

  • I like this theme a lot, but now, it seems like I have a slight problem. Can anyone help me? In my customization, I chose color brown. But when I open my website, it becomes grey. I want to set it back to brown, but when I open customization, it’s brown, not grey. However, when I open my website again, it stays grey. What happened?